Sempre nel 2003 D’Arcy è stato particolarmente apprezzato per la sua interpretazione di Tom Pullings in Master and Commander Sfida ai confini del mare, film tratto dalla saga letteraria di Peter Weir. Inoltre James ha recitato in alcuni horror, L’esorcista La genesi, An American Haunting e La setta delle tenebre, e ha lavorato nei drammi radiofonici della BBC “Tess of the d’Urbervilles”, “Dracula” e “The Crowded Street”. Spaziando dal genere giallo a quello storico, D’Arcy impersona Derek Kettering nell’episodio Il mistero del treno azzurro della serie investigativa Poirot, celebre detective nato dalla penna della giallista Agatha Christie, e Tiberio Gracco nel dramma documentaristico inglese Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire.

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It’s difficult to grasp the sense of a sudden loss such as this one. How many thoughts, extraordinary lyrics, imposing tracks, shades of emotion, words full of beauty and sometimes irony, both good natured and biting, questions and meanings, have Lucio’s songs given us? There are so many frames, successions of sentimental memories, those intermittences du coeur in the lives of each one of us, that are inextricably connected to his marvelous, long and versatile musical career, stretching over half a century. The albums started in the mid 60s, after years of experimenting and going through the ranks of Bologna jazz groups of improbable names such as Rheno Dixieland Band, in which Pupi Avati served as well, and Panigal Jazz.

We use the word “literal” in its dictionary sense: “. The natural or usual construction and implication of a writing or expression; following the ordinary and apparent sense of words; not allegorical or metaphorical” (Webster’s New International Dictionary). We also use it in its historical sense, specifically, the priority that Luther and Calvin gave to literal, grammatical, or philological exegesis of Scripture in contrast to the Four Fold Theory of the Roman Catholic scholars (historical meaning, moral meaning, allegorical meaning, eschatological meaning) developed during the Middle Ages and historically derived from Augustine’s Three Fold Theory. It was particularly the allegorical use of the Old Testament that the Reformers objected to, and the manner in which Roman Catholic dogma was re enforced by allegorical interpretation.

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